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Selling the 70/30 Leadership Model

Shortly after I came on staff at New Life, just over six years ago, I attended my first monthly staff meeting.  There we discussed our current all staff initiative.  Replication.  We where all trying to replicate ourselves in the lives of our leaders so that we could move from an organization of addition to multiplication.  New Life hired leaders.  Not doers.  I was expected to replicate and replace myself from day one so the 70/30 model of leadership made perfect sense to me.  The 70/30 model means spending 70% of my time with my team and 30% of my time with the students I was trying to reach. That was the only way I would be able to replicate or replace myself in the life of the ministry I was serving.  However, the 70/30 model is not the model of many organizations.  Even if you are a “director” you may have been hired to DO something rather than LEAD something.  What follows is what I hope are a few good pointers no how to sell this leadership model to your organization and the powers that be.

Image by Roya Ann Miller from 

Image by Roya Ann Miller from 

1.     I am a Leader not a Doer.  If this model of leadership makes sense to you intuitively, it’s because you’re a leader not a doer.  Leaders don’t want to be caught up with the mundane. We want to rally and lead others.  We may serve our teams passionately in the mundane things but it is never where we find the deepest fulfillment.  The small things are always linked to something bigger.  If your position was filled for someone to “do” something then maybe you’re just not the right fit and you need to begin to look for a new position.  If it was filled for you to LEAD something, but you’re finding yourself bogged down in having to do everything then the expectations need to be changed.  The statement “well that is your job” starts to be taken off the table as you find others to come along side you and build something great with you.  When the leadership of an organization begins to understand that hiring a LEADER will pay much greater dividends than hiring a DOER you are in a great place.  Sometimes organizations just need a humble reminder that leadership is the process of giving away what you have been hired to do to others so you can run off and do something new!

2.     I should be about Multiplication not Addition.  Addition is easy.  Multiplication in an organization is hard.  Addition is the math of a doer.  Multiplication is the math of a leader.  Helping your organization understand that developing other leaders allows you to multiply yourself while doing the work of the organization at best simply adds to yourself is very powerful.  In youth ministry comments like these will start coming in once you start into the area of multiplication.   

a.     “Well YOU didn’t hang out with my kid.”

b.     “My student really only feels comfortable talking to YOU.”

c.      “We need YOU to come pray with us in the hospital.”

d.     “The students really like it when YOU lead the games best.”

These comments puff up your ego but leave you chasing down the urgent and unimportant elements of your leadership.  These are all still elements that need to be covered and covered with excellence but as Andy Stanley says.  “If someone else can do it 80% as well as you they should be the one doing it”.  


In conclusion leading from a place of multiplication is no easy task.  It starts with addition.  It starts with replication.  Over time the benefits are watching things grow larger and faster then you could have ever imagined.  The 70/30 leadership model may seem like you are skirting your responsibilities at first but it soon becomes the careful art of delegation and leadership development.  You have to learn to sacrifice doing what you love to impassion others to do it as you lead them.  I hope that this week you will look at your schedule and start investing more of your time with those you are trying to build something with and less time with your target audience.  If you are in youth ministry like me, then I hope you cancel that lunch with a student and schedule that lunch with an adult leader.  Then next week do the same thing.  In time it will become second nature to lead your organization through others. 

Connect with me this week and let me know what your thinking.  I would love to talk with you about making the jump to 70/30 leadership.  You can always leave a comment bellow!


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