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Relevant Leadership is a site to help equip, train, and empower youth pastors and their volunteer leaders to effect a generation of students for the Glory of God.

Come grow with Alex and Mark as they talk about the importance of replacing themselves in the lives of those they lead.

Learning how to think through what you want to accomplish and then writing it down is an invaluable skill to a young leader.  Come and grow with Mark as he discusses the basics of structures in leadership.

This month Alex and Mark talk about choosing the right hills to die on, leading faithfully in a difficult situation, and knowing when it's time to go.  Join us as we grown in our leadership together!

Join Pastor Brad French and Mark this month as we discuss servant leadership and its role in the life of a young leader!  Connect with us further on Twitter @NL_RelevantLead or on Facebook at

Come and grow and Alex and Mark as they talk about 70/30 Leadership.  How do you spend your time as a young leader?  What should your priorities be?  What would be be striving towards when it comes to time allocation?  Hopefully we can help.

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Professional and personal accountability must the part of the life of every young leader.  It purchases you integrity and longevity.  Come grow with Dr. Chris Marshall and Mark as they talk about how accountability has changed their life and leadership.

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Discipline is the soil that excellence is cultivated in.  Join the conversation with Mark and Alex as they talk about the role that personnal and professional discipline plays in the life of a young leader.

Leader's are life long learners.  If you are a young leader and you don't become a learner by nature then you will have a short shelf life.  Join me (Mark) as I talk with Dr. Chris Marshall.  One of the most passionate learners and leaders I have ever met. 

Finding a mentor is not an option for a young leader.  Without good mentors you are bound to hit devastating leadership pitfalls.  Join us along with Doug Smith and L3 Leadership this month in a video on finding great mentors! 

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Want to become a great leader?  The first step is getting to know you.  Come grow with us and start to learn who you are, who you are not, and how to lean into your strengths as a leader!

Relevant Leadership presents their first video of 2016. How does submission benefit you as a young or new leader? Check it out and learn how to purchase leadership with your organization, sr. leader, and followers!